The Chilling Video Of A White Shark Attack On 14 Women In Mexico (VIDEO)

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The white shark, of more than five meters, repeatedly attacked the metal cage in which 14 female divers took refuge.

A white shark of more than five meters has become the protagonist of the images of the day. Known as “Bullet”, the shark has managed to leave many with their mouths open behind the spooky images that have been recorded by the divers themselves.

A group of 14 women were in a metal cage under the sea when the huge white shark suddenly appears. The animal slowly approaches and finally attacks the cage in which the young women took refuge. The animal begins to bite the metal bars and shakes the cage. After its violent action, the shark turns around and continues on its way.

A dream come true

The video has been shared on Facebook by Islander Charters and has taken place on Guadalupe Island, in Mexico. Nancy Lasuzzo , one of the divers who was in the cage, has assured through her social networks that she has been the most beautiful of her life and that she has managed to make her dream come true.


Our divers had the thrill of a lifetime! Meet ‘Bullet’, a female Great White Mega Shark. She’ll rock your world – literally! Taken with us aboard the ‘Islander’ at Guadalupe Island by guest Nancy Lasuzzo on 10/12/19. Best with sound on.

Unbelievable, love BOTH of their big smiles! We LOVE sharks!

Bullet is playing with the float on topside of the cage and was not harmed except for a chipped tooth. Not to worry, she’s got hundreds to spare!”


Source: Antena3


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