He Submerges His Hands In A Puddle And Gets A Handful Of Peculiar Black Creatures [VIDEO]

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On YouTube, an explorer took a walk along the banks of a river, without expecting that he would encounter something incredible in his path.

A video broadcast through YouTube has become viral and has left hundreds of Internet users dismayed, because it shows the moment when the man walks through a forest and encounters a puddle of water. The subject saw that there were hundreds of strange black creatures inside, so he put his hands in and brought them to the surface. The peculiar recording quickly became a trend in different social networks .

A researcher, who was taking a tour near the Guadiamar River, in Seville, Spain , got a huge surprise, since after a long walk he ended up finding a strange puddle of water, where he suddenly noticed a huge group of peculiar black creatures.

In the first seconds of the video that went viral on YouTube you can see how the man slowly approaches the puddle and places his feet near the edge so as not to fall inside. Instantly, he bends down and places both hands in the water and brings a little of it to the surface, along with a large number of small black creatures.

At the same time, a colleague who had gone with him to the expedition captures all the time with his cell phone camera, and then shared it on various Internet platforms. When the boy zooms in with the device, it is finally appreciated that it is really slippery catfish , which had been grouped together.

This video shared on YouTube soon went viral, generating all kinds of reactions and comments among thousands of users. Some of these were: “How incredible nature is, it never ceases to amaze us,” “For a moment I thought it was some kind of dangerous creature, but it was really harmless catfish, ” among others.

Here we leave you the complete video of the particular scene broadcast on YouTube so you can see it for yourself. 

Watch the YouTube viral video:


Source: La Republica