Diver Finds Mothers Body Hugging Her Baby On The Ocean Floor After Their Boat Was Shipwrecked In Italy (WARNING EXTREMELY SENSITIVE VIDEO & IMAGES)

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The woman was a migrant trying to get to the Italian coast to have a better life with her daughter, a terrible accident caused the boat they were travelling in was shipwrecked.


The Italian diver who led the search for victims of a shipwreck in the Mediterranean on Thursday described his horror after finding the body of a baby with a woman who apparently had him hugged until the end.

Rodolfo Raiteri, head of the body of divers of the Italian Coast Guard, confessed in an interview with the Italian press that the finding had been the worst experience of his professional life. 

The sight of that baby down there was unbearable, a blow to the heart, “the Republic told the newspaper.” You are never prepared for something as intense as that, “he explained.

Raiteri, 52, said that “seeing that little body lying at the bottom, next to what was probably his mother, was like receiving a punch in the stomach,” he said.

The fact that they were so close, with each other, and because of the position of the woman’s arms, I think she had him embraced until the end, “he said.

The team looked for the victims of a shipwreck that occurred on October 7 when a small overloaded boat overturned in front of the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Some 22 people managed to save themselves, from about 50 migrants on board. The bodies of 13 women, some of them pregnant, were recovered the same day of the tragedy. 

Bad weather hindered the search for others, including eight children and other pregnant women. 

The images filmed with an underwater drone show the wreck, with clothing and remains of objects at the bottom of the sea. Other photographs published by the Italian press show the bodies of the drowned floating around the sunken ship.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) told the newspaper Corriere della Sera that it had managed to track the baby’s aunt.

This is one of the survivors, Aminata, from Ivory Coast, who said she was in the boat with two more sisters and their children, all of them missing.

Aminata identified one of the sisters among the first bodies that were recovered, but is still looking for the four-year-old nephew, as well as the second sister and her eight-month-old baby, he said. 

But removing bodies from the seabed will not be easy. 

They are 60 meters deep and we cannot stay more than five minutes there. So we will have to be very fast, “he explained.

We will go down two by two … and we will try to put the bodies in body bags already at the bottom of the sea. But that is not so easy because of the position they are in. If not, we will have to use ropes, “he said. 

The baby and his mother will be the first to be recovered, he said. 




Diver Finds Mothers Body Hugging Her Baby On The Ocean Floor After Their Boat Was Shipwrecked In Italy (WARNING EXTREMELY SENSITIVE IMAGES)1

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