Couple Kicked Off A Cruise Ship And Banned For Life For Acting Stupid In The Middle Of The Caribbean Ocean

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The owner of the cruise, Royal Caribbean International, has forbidden the two passengers for life to travel with the company again.

A couple travelling on a Caribbean cruise was expelled from the boat for a dangerous photo shoot.

The events occurred earlier this week aboard the Allure of the Seas, of the American company Royal Caribbean International, when one of the passengers crossed the balcony railing of her cabin in order to pose for some photos.

Another traveller witnessed that scene and notified the cruise security personnel. The two protagonists of the photo shoot were identified and landed in a port of Jamaica. In addition, the company has forbidden them to travel with Royal Caribbean International for life.

“One of our guests was seen posing recklessly and dangerously for some photos on the outside ledge of his cabin balcony with the help of his partner,” a company spokesperson confirmed to Fox News.

The person who denounced the imprudence of the travellers described the woman as ” absolute idiot ” and “moron” for risking her life for some photos. Royal Caribbean’s security policies prohibit its passengers, among other things, from sitting, standing or climbing on the protective railings of their cruise ships.



Source: ActualidadRT