They Locate A Dead Whale On The Ocean Floor Covered In Strange Creatures Feasting On Its Remains (VIDEO)

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Amazing. Scientists broadcast live on YouTube, the moment in which they discover how hundreds of creatures devour the body of a giant whale deep in the ocean.

Thousands of YouTube users have been surprised with a viral video, which shows the precise moment in which scientists find at the bottom of the sea the body of a huge whale , which was devoured by hundreds of creatures . The clip became a trend in social networks and has gone around the world surprising Internet users in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Some marine scientists travelled aboard a ship to be able to capture the wonders of the aquatic world, without imagining that off the coast of California more than 3 thousand meters under the sea and making a terrifying discovery.

The men decided to make a live recording so that thousands of YouTube users can see what was happening near the Davidson underwater mount in the Pacific Ocean.

As shown in the YouTube viral video , the body of the huge whale, which is not yet known exactly what class it belonged to, was devoured by several creatures, who ate part of their flesh attached to the bones.

The remains of the whale were about 5 meters long and the scientists estimated that he most likely died about four months ago. She was lying on her back, they said.

The surprising finding may help scientists decipher how much oxygen there is at such deep levels and see how it affects the decay of animals.

Thousands of YouTube users were extremely impressed with what happened deep in the sea.


Source: La Republica