He Is Scavenging For Food And Gets Into A Fight With Fierce Crocodile For Trying To Steal His Dinner [VIDEO]

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A tourist shared a video on YouTube that shows the moment when a voracious leopard approaches a crocodile to remove its prey, without imagining what would happen.

Thousands of YouTube users , who are wild animal lovers, were shocked to see the viral video recorded by a tourist walking inside the Kruger National Safari Park . What did he discover? A hungry leopard pulled out its claws and faced a huge crocodile over a prey, a fact that alarmed thousands of users.

This famous video has gone viral on social networks, after YouTube’s Kruger Sightings account broadcast the images recorded by a young tourist, who recorded the encounter between the two predators .

“Two dangerous pets clashed inside the Kruder National Park in South Africa for food,” reads the viral YouTube post that has recorded endless comments.

As seen in the video on YouTube a voracious leopard walking near a crocodile habitat looking for something to eat, when, suddenly, he saw the reptile had a huge dam.

Immediately, the cat stealthily approached the animal to capture its prey; However, he was attacked by the huge crocodile. Through this note we share the viral YouTube video that has caused great commotion on social networks .



Source: La Republica