He Is Diving In The Ocean Too Far From His Boat And Is Terrorized With No Way Out (Horrifying VIDEO)

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Video is viral on Facebook. Man recorded the shocking encounter he had with a white shark, when he was fishing with a group of friends.

Through a scary video that has gone viral on Facebook and YouTube, a diver shared the terrifying experience he lived after suffering the attack of a white shark, when he was fishing on the coast of Perth, in Australia.

Joe Petrovich is the star of this clip viral on Facebook, who said that during his journey with his group of friends, noticed the formidable presence of the shark, then began to follow him around trying to close their passage to attack him.

“He was following me, stalking all the way and trying to find a weak point … He approached me from all directions, left, right, below …”, the diver told the media after the broadcast – on Facebook and YouTube – from the terrifying scene he himself recorded with his sports camera.

As seen in the viral video of YouTube, the man faced the fierce shark for nearly 10 minutes, starring in a shocking episode like something out of a horror movie.

Fortunately, as seen in the viral images, the man had in his hand a harpoon with which he could face and leave unscathed the fearsome attack of the white shark that tried to attack him and stalked him at all times.

“When the shark attacked me for the first time, I thought I had a 75% chance of not getting out alive. At best, I thought I would lose one leg and probably part of the other. It was as sudden and violent as a high-speed motorcycle accident, ”said the diver protagonist of this unusual event that has not taken long to go viral on Facebook and YouTube.


Watch the viral video:


Source: La Republica