Fiercely Attacked By A Crocodile While Crossing A River And The Outcome Is Insane [VIDEO]

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Fierce crocodile emerged from the waters to attack the distracted wildebeest and the shocking final stunned hundreds of Internet users. Video is viral on YouTube.

Through an impressive video that has gone viral on YouTube, wildlife photographer Chris Bray shared the incredible scene between a wildebeest and a fierce crocodile that he managed to capture when he toured the Maasai Mara National Arch in Kenya.

The author of the shocking recording, which has already gone viral on YouTube and other networks, said he was monitoring the mass migration of animals from Tanzania to Kenya, when he encountered an unusual event that did not hesitate to record it and share it on networks.

The images, which already have hundreds of views on YouTube , show the exact moment when an unsuspecting wildebeest tries to cross the deadly Mara River, when a huge crocodile emerges unexpectedly from the waters and pounces on it, opening its jaws to devour it.

Although the crocodile manages to reach the wildebeest’s body to turn it into its food, the carefree mammal realizes its tragic situation at the last moment and, in a matter of seconds, manages to escape from the fierce reptile, which fails to catch its prey and submerges again in the water to await the arrival of his next victim.

After the dissemination of the images, the author of the YouTube viral recording told that the wildebeest crosses the dangerous waters to progress on their journey, but the rivers are full of hungry Nile crocodiles that are expected to hide an easy meal.

Watch the viral video:

The shocking video did not take long to go viral on the networks, unleashing various reactions from YouTube users , who shared the clip, highlighting the impressive outcome that the lucky wildebeest obtained.


Source: La Republica