Caught By Drone The Incredible Method Whales Use To Capture Their Prey Using Bubble Nets [VIDEO]

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Video is viral on YouTube. Marine biologists used aerial drones to record the unique technique that some humpback whales use to capture their prey.

Through a video on YouTube that has left more than one with an open mouth, a group of biologists sailors from the University of Hawaii shared the curious method used by some humpback whales to catch fish in groups.

The authors of the extraordinary video, which already has thousands of views on YouTube, said they used cameras installed in aerial drones, as well as others attached to humpback whales with suction cups, along with sensors to capture the unique behaviour, never seen before, of these sea creatures.

Images viral on YouTube, the exact time when humpback whales dive and swim in circles around the fish exhaling air bubbles used as a kind of net to catch them is observed.

As reported by ScienceAlert, these networks of bubbles that cetaceans leave form a column that catches the fish, allowing other whales to launch upwards with their jaws open and feed.

The experts explained that this unique method used by humpback whales and other cetaceans is probably the result of a learned technique, since not all whales use it for hunting and the methodology of those that do varies. It is also a cooperative activity, since all whales collaborate to ensure their food.

Watch the Youtube viral video:

The shocking images soon went viral on the networks, unleashing various reactions and comments from YouTube users, who did not hesitate to share the spectacular recording.


Source: La Republica