They Have Located A Deadly Fish In The USA That Can Walk On Land And Kills Everything In Its Path [VIDEO]

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They find a strange snakehead fish that breathes air, can survive on land and devours everything in its path.

Kill it and freeze it immediately! An unusual YouTube video shocked thousands of users, as it revealed to us the strange appearance of a dangerous fish that was found in the United States.

A YouTube video has left viewers more than terrified, since it revealed to us the peculiar aspect of a water creature that was reported by the United States authorities. As detailed by local media, this strange ‘fish’ breathes air and devours everything in its path. The danger of anyone who crosses their path was reported and social networks were fully alert. The images of this ‘being’ became a ‘trend’ in social networks in Mexico, Canada and the USA.

Also, the bewildering discovery was made in the community of Georgia, United States. The viral video became the ‘trend’ in that state, generating that the authorities involved made a call out to the population so that whoever finds the unusual fish to quickly exterminate it.

It was a fisherman who found the impressive animal and then contacted the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the institution provided a statement emphasizing that they annihilate strange creatures: “Kill him immediately, as it can survive on earth as well as in the water.”

Anglers urged to ‘kill’ invasive snakehead fish that survives on land

‘Kill it immediately.’ This invasive fish that can breathe air and survive on land has been found in Georgia.

Posted by USA TODAY on Thursday, October 10, 2019


Source: La Republica