Man Walks Along The Shore Of A Beach And Runs Into A Terrifying Looking Creature [PHOTOS]

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Via Twitter Thousands of people were baffled to see this stranger, whose origin is not yet known.

A series of images shared on Twitter have become viral and have caused thousands of Internet users to be terrified, as it shows a creature with a strange appearance on the shore of Perth Beach, Australia. The finding was made by a man who passed through the place and soon became trends in different social networks .

An Australian citizen who was walking along the coast of the ocean, saw something strange in the sand, so he decided to go and explore to see what it was. After examining the mysterious creature for several minutes, he was unable to draw a conclusion from its origin, so he simply managed to take his cell phone and access the camera for a record.

After this, the man had no better idea than to share the discovery in a local Twitter group. He uploaded the images and wrote: “I found these weird things on Leighton Beach, it looks like a corpse, does someone know what it is?”

Given this, all users who saw the publication were perplexed, because they could not match it with anything they had seen before. For this reason, they began to launch all kinds of hypotheses and crazy ideas of what could be. Some even dared to joke that it was a being from another planet.

Some of the most prominent comments of the post went viral on Twitter were: “I think it’s a radioactive object. I hope you have not touched it, you must be careful ”,“ Probably a shark or some strange fish from the depths of the sea ”, “ What a fear, it does not resemble anything I have seen before in my life ”, among others.



Man Walks Along The Shore Of A Beach And Runs Into A Terrifying Looking Creature


Source: La Republica