Controversy Over Images Captured Of A Jaguar In The Wild With A Plastic Bottle [VIDEO]

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British photographer Paul Goldstein captured the images in the largest wetland in the world, located in Brazil and the shocking scene has gone viral on Facebook.

Facebook and Twitter users expressed their outrage in networks, after a photographer disseminated images that show a sad scene starring a jaguar, as it reflects, once again, the serious pollution problem facing the planet today.

The photos, which have quickly gone viral on Facebook , were shared by British guide and photographer Paul Goldstein via Twitter , who questioned the harsh reality that snapshots reveal and made a call to conscience for the care of the environment.

The images, which were captured in the Pantanal, the largest wetland in the world, located in the state of Mato Grosso del Sur, in Brazil, show a three-year-old jaguar playing with a plastic bottle after having run into it in a nearby tributary.

The snapshots reveal the exact moment when the cat removes the plastic bottle from the stream and takes it out with its trunk to play with it.

The photographer author of the images told Daily Mail that it is always interesting to find a jaguar in its natural habitat, but not in these conditions, because it considers that a scene like this is “distressing”, and hopes that the photographs become “example of the abuse of plastic and its horrible worldwide proliferation. ”

He also said that he hopes that the dissemination of these viral images from Facebook and Twitter will serve as a call for conscience so that world leaders take the necessary measures to stop the destruction of ecosystems, “since the abuse of plastic has reached levels critics, ”he said.



Source: La Republica