Famous Fisherman Baits A Strange Creature Effected By A Toxic Invader In The Fitzroy River [VIDEO]

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A viral video on YouTube that shows a fisherman trying to capture a strange creature, without imagining that he would get a big scare.

The video starring Jeremy Wade, the driver ‘program River Monsters’, who is an expert fisherman who tried to capture a strange creature who lived in a river in Australia, without imagining what would take place that left thousands on the social networks open-mouthed, especially those living in the United States, Mexico, Spain, among other countries. 

According to some comments on the viral video of Discovery UK on YouTube he was revealed that Jeremy Wade travelled to Australia to investigate the creatures that inhabited the Fitzroy River after the invasion of a powerful toxic. 

In the viral video on YouTube, Jeremy Wade mentioned some of the ideas I had to meet the fish that lived within the enclosure; However, when fishing he received the shock of his life.

The animals were affected by the invasion of the toxic ‘cane toad’. Therefore, fish branded by users as ‘ river monsters ‘, appeared with wounds on their bodies. Also, another of the larger creatures, came out of the ‘dying’ water.

If you want to see what these strange animals that have caused terror look like, we invite you to check out our photo gallery. Remember that to see the images, all you have to do is slide each one to the left.

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Source: La Republica