They Freeze Him Live In Liquid Nitrogen, Immerse In Water And Something Unimaginable Happens [VIDEO]

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On YouTube a viral video shows how a live fish is frozen in liquid nitrogen, and then submerged in water, without imagining what would happen.

An unusual outcome. In social networks, especially on YouTube, a video shows the moment in which a live fish is frozen in liquid nitrogen, and then submerged in water has become viral. The end of this controversial experiment left thousands of people in Mexico, Canada and the United States open-mouthed, who never imagined what would happen. What happened? Continue reading…

According to the description of the video, which was published on YouTube in 2015, but which has been viralized again on social networks, this experiment tries to demonstrate what happens to living organisms when they come in contact with liquid nitrogen, a highly dangerous compound.

As you can see in the images, shared on YouTube by the channel ‘locomax36’, the young people catch a fish with a metal spatula and slowly submerge it in a container that is filled with liquid nitrogen .

The fish starts to move quickly, but after a few seconds it ends up staying totally want. Noticing this, the authors of this controversial video on YouTube withdrew the marine animal liquid nitrogen.

The next step we can see in this video of YouTube is that young dipped to fish in ordinary water. Although at the beginning it remained motionless, little by little we can see that it begins to move.

The authors of the YouTube video revealed that, because the fish was frozen for a short time, its organs were not damaged, being in a kind of temporary paralysis that was removed when it came into contact with the water.

It is worth noting that performing this experiment published on YouTube is highly dangerous, since liquid nitrogen is a very harmful element if used improperly, because it freezes everything it touches.


Source: La Republica