Thousands Of Fish Turn Up Dead On The Coast Of Murcia (VIDEO)

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The disaster originates from the torrential rains that the region experienced in September with the passage of DANA and caused a large amount of fresh water to enter the Mar Menor.

Thousands of fish have appeared dead this Saturday at the beach of Villananitos de Lo Pagán, in the municipality of San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia), as well as in the area of ​​La Mota and La Puntica. The lack of oxygen in the Mar Menor has led  the fish to approach the shore and, due to the lack of depth, hundreds of them have eventually suffocated on the surface. The event has forced to raise the red flag and ban the bathroom.

Behind this lack of oxygen are the torrential rains that the Region of Murcia experienced in September with the passage of DANA. These precipitations caused the entry of a large amount of fresh water into the salty lagoon, water mixed with mud, soil and organic matter that has proved lethal for many fish. Civil protection personnel, environmental agents and members of the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Environment of the Region of Murcia have moved to the place.

The authorities have pointed out that many of these fish could have been dead for several days and have stressed that they are not suitable for consumption.

During the afternoon of this Saturday, several videos of users surprised by the scene of hundreds of dead fish have circulated on Twitter.

The videos show that some of the fish are still alive, but are having difficulties.


Source: El Pais