Terrifying Moment As A Diver Is Cornered By A 4.5 Meter Shark All Caught On His GoPro (VIDEO)

The incident occurred on the coast off the city of Perth in Australia.

An Australian fisherman had a lucky escape after being stalked several minutes by a 4.5-meter shark.

The incident took place when Joe Petrovich was fishing with his friends near the coast of Perth. The man had moved away about 300 meters from his boat with his harpoon when the great shark appeared and began to prowl him.

Given the situation, Petrovich tried to swim back to his boat, but the shark kept following him and kept him under complete surveillance from different angles, until he finally launched the first attack. During the tense moment, which was recorded by a GoPro camera, it looks like the shark approaches the fisherman to ram him, but he manages to push it back with a harpoon hit.

In a second attempt the shark reaches just centimeters from Petrovich’s foot and plucks a piece of his diving fin; the diver in turn drives him with the tip of the harpoon. Finally the shark decides to give up and Petrovich managed to reach the boat unharmed.

It transpired that the diver did not fire the harpoon because, apart from having only one attempt, the weapon is very weak for a species the size of a shark. 


Source: ActualidadRT