After 6 Long Hours Trapped In Dangerous Canal Villagers Do The Impossible To Rescue Him [VIDEO]

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A heartbreaking viral video from Facebook showed the feat that a group of villagers did to save the life of a small elephant that fell into a dangerous canal in Sri Lanka.

Touching scene Through Facebook, a viral video recorded the incredible feat that a group of men performed to rescue a small elephant that had fallen into a dangerous channel and was unable to escape despite its enormous effort. The clip became a trend, especially in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The viral Facebook recording showed the desperation of the helpless baby elephant who was trying to climb the slippery wall of the channel, but kept falling aporetically back into the water. What happened? The baby elephant made a bad decision to stray away from his pack to venture in search of food through the forest.

Totally terrified, the baby elephant walked through the dangerous canal and every time he dared to climb the slope his huge legs slipped causing despair to increase throughout his body.

The viral video on Facebook recorded the moving scene in which a group of villagers got together to build a manual ladder with tires and ropes so that the baby elephant is sustained and manages to climb the huge slope without any inconvenience.

After 6 hours of effort, the elephant made it to land and ran off into the forest in search of his family. Likewise, the villagers applauded their persistence in helping the gigantic creature that spent a traumatic day away from his family.

Watch the viral Facebook video:

The viral video was shared on Facebook by the “UNILAD” page, which accumulated 874 thousand views, one thousand shares and 335 comments. “It was really beautiful, look how they finally rescued this poor exhausted elephant. They were wonderful people, I’m glad it worked”, “I’m so happy that this little baby elephant came out with the help of lovely people, ”users wrote on social media .

Poor Elephant Rescued After Being Trapped In A Canal

This poor elephant was trapped in a canal for six hours, until these good Samaritans came to its aid and saved the day ❤️️🙌🐘

Posted by UNILAD on Saturday, December 15, 2018


Source: La Republica