They Say Aliens Are From Space? Look At This Unbelievable Creature They Found In The Deep Sea And You Decide [VIDEO]

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A viral video was shared on YouTube that shows the huge spherical mass that was discovered by divers deep in the Norwegian Sea.

Amazing. A viral video shared on YouTube reveals the amazing discovery that divers made when descending to the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean. The researchers picked up a huge jelly sac with thousands of eggs from a creature with ten tentacles inside. The clip has become a trend in the countries of Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Ronald Raasch, a man who fights for marine conservation descended deep into the Norwegian Sea with his partner Nils Baadnes, to capture the marine species that inhabit there.

The men never imagined that they would find a gigantic mass of gel that looked more like an alien egg from a science fiction movie.

The huge spherical sac, in which two people could fit completely, was actually a mass to protect thousands of squid, during their early stage of development.

As seen in the viral video on YouTube, the huge mass covering thousands of eggs ten squid tentacles. A fact that caused great amazement among thousands of viewers.

It is a very difficult sight to witness and even more, to film, because these types of egg sacs are at great depths and last just a few days before the larvae grow and hatch, destroying the wrapping tissue.

The clip shared on YouTube has stunned Internet users. Some of them said it was further proof that “nature is wonderful.”


Source: La Republica