It Attacks His Kayak And Leaves Behind Two Teeth That Got Embedded In The Boat (VIDEO)

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The incident occurred last weekend in front of Catalina Island, in California.

Danny McDaniel, an experienced diver, was enjoying his kayak last weekend with a friend in front of Catalina Island, in southern California (USA), when he felt something was moving his boat, he told The Los Angeles Times.

The first thing the Californian thought was that his friend hit his kayak with his boat, but soon came out of doubt, after noticing the head of a huge white shark.

Meanwhile, his friend, John Chambers, watched Danny’s encounter with the sharks a few meters away, yelling at him to hit him in the head.

The attack ended when the shark bit the boat and drove away, leaving two teeth, each about 5 centimeters long, stuck in the boat. The size of these suggests that the animal is almost 6 meters long.

McDaniel said that he had swum among sharks before, but that he had never encountered such a large one.


Source: ActualidadRT