Five People Arrested With 500 Kilos Of Cocaine On A Vessel Sailing From Valencia

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On the boat, which stopped in Las Azores, agents seized the drugs and a firearm.

Five people have been arrested while transporting half a ton of cocaine on a Dutch-owned vessel registered under the name Imagine that had stopped in Las Azores after leaving Valencia and passing through several points in eastern Brazil.

According to sources from the Ministry of Interior, the operation has been developed by agents of the Civil Guard, the National Police and the Deputy Directorate of Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency. All this in cooperation with the Dutch Central Criminal Investigation Division of the Netherlands Police, the Estonian Police and the Portuguese Judicial Police, coordinated by the Center for Maritime Analysis and Operations on Drug Trafficking (MAOC-N) and Europol, in an investigation that directs the Court of Instruction number two of those of Orihuela.

The members of the organization tried to introduce more than half a ton of cocaine and other narcotic substances into Spain through hidden habitats housed in a recreational craft identified as “Imagine”, owned by a Dutch company registered in the name of one of the members.

The police were aware that the drug trafficking members had met in Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Huelva, Granada and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on several occasions, and that they had international connections with other countries such as the Netherlands, Estonia, Brazil, United Kingdom or Portugal.

The detainees are of Estonian, British and Dutch nationality, and at the time of their arrest, on July 10, they carried half a ton of cocaine, 520 grams of glass and a firearm with the serial number deleted, in addition to cash money.

Five People Arrested With 500 Kilos Of Cocaine On A Vessel Sailing From Valencia


Source: Levante-EMV