YUCATÁN Clarify Marine Rescue

The rescue of a false killer whale on the eastern coast has caused controversy in the port of San Felipe, after the Federal Office of Environmental Protection (Profepa) issued a bulletin of the event.

Port residents expressed their anger against the federal agency, accusing them of “hanging themselves medals” for the rescue of the species, which was actually in charge of fishermen.

The disagreement arose when on February 25 Profepa rescues two false orcas stranded in the Ría Lizard biosphere reserve, in Yucatan The Profepa rescued two false orcas (Pseudorca crassidens) stranded in the Protected Natural Area (ANP) Reserve of the Biosphere Ría Lagartos, in Yucatan.

“Fishermen in the area detect the two specimens of false orcas that were stranded in a shallow area known as ‘Isla Cerritos’, within the Protected Natural Area (ANP), so they gave notice to the federal authorities for their Attention.

“Immediately the Protocol of attention to strand of marine mammals was activated, and in coordination with the National Commission of Protected Areas (Conanp), the condition of stranding was evaluated”.

In a telephone call, the sanfelipense Saul Marrufo said that Profepa had nothing to do with the rescue, and explained that they were coastal Manuel Duran and Mark Marrufo who reported that they had found the two-stranded species. In his support Arbel Patrón, Julio Marrufo and Saul himself went. Later, Iván Núñez and Gaudi Díaz joined the group, who carried out the work on Saturday the 24th.

“I believe that by saying ‘Rescues’, the dependence becomes the author of the rescue, when in fact it was never there the two species of the video they were recorded by a fisherman who gave notice without receiving a response from 8: 30 in the morning, “said Saul.

“We left for the site until 9:30, and after looking for a while, we only found one, it is a species called false orca, but we did not find the other one,” he added.

“We towed it with a boat, and once it was in deep water, two people from the Reserve of Ría Lagartos arrived to verify the fact, they even wanted to climb the species to the boat to take it further, which was impossible with an animal of more than 300 kilos and being us only five people.

“They also asked to tow it further, but a rope had already wounded the skin, so we told the staff that it would be best to release it there (it was about 4 meters deep) and they, after requesting authorization to a certain doctor, I do not know if Christopher or Berlin, they said to us: ‘Let it go,’ and they marked the place with the idea of ​​returning to the area to see if it changed.

“The protocol of stranding’s, in this case at least, would follow the trail to see where the animal would run aground and die to this day we do not know if it is aground further and they did not realize it or if it actually managed to go to the open sea, and there is no trace of the other species that was also found to be stranded from the beginning “. – WAUC

False Killer Whales

Rescue Stranding

Saúl Marrufo narrated how he and four other people were able to rescue a specimen.

In front of Bolopukr

“The orca was in front of Bolopuk (near Punta Bachul), that’s where our work began, we pushed it to a boat and we were able to tow it three miles out to sea and, after passing the bass, we freed it, “he said.

Important clarification

“It’s important to clarify that the staff of the Reserve and Profepa were not in the process of getting the killer whale out of the ground, that was done by four other people and me,” Saul said.


Source: Diario de Yucatan