YouTube: Bathers Manage to Save Giant Stingray Beached on a Beach in Australia

Bathers kept the animal alive by giving it fish and then it was pulled with a rope to the sea. The video is viral on YouTube.

A large stingray was rescued from death by a group of people relaxing on the beach of Kioloa, New South Wales, Australia.

The stingray was trapped in a natural pool on the beach in Australia and waited for several minutes for people to come to rescue her. The video on YouTube shows how a group of people worked together to then release it at sea.

According to witnesses, the animal was about two meters long and had been stranded when the tide came down. “We went out to look and saw a big stingray stuck in the rock pool, so I quickly went home and brought my camera,” Ethan Kass said.

The rescue was led by Ethan Kass, a 25-year-old teacher, who noted that at least 30 people had been huddled around the animal that looked dead when he arrived.

The work lasted at least an hour. Swimmers tied a rope to the tail of the stingray to pull it open to finally release it into the sea. The clip accumulates thousands of reproductions in just hours of upload.


Source: El Comercio