Yachts Ice Class. Who Builds Them and Why?

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The trend of the modern yacht market is the creation of expeditionary ice-strengthened yachts for adventure lovers. This is reported by

A kind of pioneer in the market can be considered the Dutch company Damen. The yacht SeaXplorer has become the flagship of expedition vessels for individual tourism in the polar regions. Damen received the first order for building a yacht back in 2016.

A special feature of expeditionary yachts created for travelling in the Arctic is their more durable hull. Traditionally, these ships differ in design and resemble warships. They also have large dimensions, compared to traditional yachts, which is associated not only with the geography of navigation but also with the increased number of necessary equipment. Although at the moment there are projects and small expeditionary yachts.

Often the Explorer is equipped with a helipad.

One of the brightest players in the market is Hawk Yachts. The yacht of the company called Sea Hawk is sometimes called the icebreaker. It was specially designed for arctic travel. Sea Hawk has a polar class 6 and enhanced stern for passing through 80 cm of ice.

Recently, Hawk Yachts has added a new 68m long Hawk Ranger expeditionary yacht to the line. The vessel is at the stage of working out a concept, therefore, so far there is little information on it.

This year, the first Ulstein superyacht with the bow of the X-Bow has finally come to sea trials. The contract for the construction of the vessel Olivia was concluded in 2016, with the news about it appeared only now. By the way, its designer is the famous designer of warships Espen Oino, who is the “father” of many modern yachts.

However, the yacht from Ulstein is not the only “secret” ship among the explorer. Little is known about the Kilkea expeditionary yacht, which is being built at the shipyard of the Norwegian company Vard.

The latest news on the construction of one of the most interesting yachts of 81.7 meters in length is dated 2016 when the hull was ready. There is information that Kilkea will be built in 2019. Currently, it is for sale. This means that it was not built for a specific customer, or his plans have changed.

Yachts Ice Class. Who Builds Them and Why

A new concept yacht explorer 43 m long from Baglietto was presented at the Yacht Show in Monaco this year. The company is not a newcomer in the segment: its first expeditionary yacht Baglietto showed the world in 2016.


Source: Maritime News of Russia