Yacht Owner Admits Guilt in Tragic Death of Passenger

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Laurent Marc-Antoine Jean Maubert-Cayla had seen Mauricio Alvarez drink in large quantities. In fact, he once took a video in his Alvarez car smelling cocaine while touring Miami Beach. I also knew that Alvarez did not have a license to pilot a yacht.

None of the above prevented Maubert-Cayla from hiring Alvarez as captain of the 91-foot long yacht Miami Vice for an illegal ride around Biscayne Bay on the 1st. April of this year.

During the trip, 25-year-old passenger Raúl Menéndez lost his life when he was caught in the ship’s propeller after Alvarez made several fundamental mistakes.

Maubert-Cayla, 39, pleaded guilty Monday in federal court to professional misconduct or negligence in hiring a ship’s captain and causing the death of one person. He will be sentenced on January 10, 2019, by District Judge Federico A. Moreno.

For his part, Alvarez will hear his sentence on November 28 after pleading guilty to professional misconduct to captain a ship and cause the death of a person. However, as Maubert-Cayla’s admission of events indicates, the tragic journey would not have been made at all had it not been for Maubert-Cayla’s indolence with regard to the safety of the passengers and the interest in renting the yacht for $ 3,000.

The Miami Vice belongs in its entirety to TM Yaching Charter LLC and, as Maubert-Cayla admitted, he is TM Yachting member. He owns 20 percent of the Miami Vice. He was the “man responsible for the maintenance and rental” of the yacht, which he rented to clients who were looking for the “unique experience of travelling by yacht”, as announced by Maubert-Cayla through several agencies.

Maubert-Cayla knew all this when he hired Alvarez, and his insurer told him to make sure that “the person who was going to fly the bus had all the licenses in force.” Alvarez did not have a valid license. Maubert-Cayla saw Alvarez only once pilot the yacht but still hired him as captain.

Yacht Owner Admits Guilt in Tragic Death of Passenger

From November 2017 to the death of Menéndez, Alvarez played the role of captain, even though Maubert-Cayla knew that he did not have a license from the Coast Guard to pilot ships with passengers. Alvarez and TM Yachting Charter received fines on March 18 for operating a commercial rental boat without having a Coast Guard license.

“During this time, (Maubert-Cayla) sometimes shared with Alvarez and knew that it was a habitual drinker who also often used cocaine,” according to the statement of facts. In fact, according to the admission of Maubert-Cayla, on March 29, he took a video with a cell phone from Alvarez while touring Miami Beach. Maubert-Cayla narrated, in French: “The captain is taking vitamins.” “After Alvarez -” the captain “- smelled what appeared to be cocaine from the little pink bag, he yelled at the camera,” appears in the statement.

The 1st On April 1, Menéndez and a friend, CM, rented the Miami Vice to celebrate CM’s birthday. When they arrived at Sea Isle Marina, Menendez found the yacht dirty, definitely not ready to be rented. Along with four friends, they sailed in the Miami Vice, piloted by Alvarez with his son as the first officer.

Alvarez anchored the Miami Vice on Monument Island. CM and Menéndez started swimming behind the yacht. CM and Menéndez went swimming again behind the yacht when Alvarez started the engines. Neither he nor his son made sure that everyone was on board and that there was no one in the water behind the yacht.

Alvarez also did not announce that the yacht was moving or looked back. When Alvarez put the ship in reverse gear, Menéndez was caught in the propeller.

The coroner found “deep lacerations on the head, chest, neck, pelvis and torso that were consistent with the blows that a propeller of a large yacht” caused to Menéndez.



Source: El Nuevo Herald