The World Record for Operating a Nuclear Installation on an Icebreaker is Broken on the Vaigach Nuclear-Powered Ship

The atomic vessel Vaigach broke the world record for the duration of operation of the nuclear power plant of the nuclear icebreaker. This was reported on Friday by the press service of Atomflot.

“On February 16, 2018, the Vaigach icebreaker broke the record for the duration of the operation of the nuclear power plant achieved by the nuclear icebreaker Arktika in August 2008. The new record amounted to 177,205 thousand hours (the former value was 177,204 thousand hours), “the message says.

This became possible due to the fact that in 2017, specialists of Rosatomflot together with the design bureau of OKBM Afrikantov JSC completed work on extending the lifetime of nuclear power plants of nuclear icebreakers Vaigach and Taimyr. The operating time of the facilities was scientifically justified and extended to 200,000 hours. This made it possible to exclude the occurrence of an “ice break” (a period of shortage of existing icebreakers due to the expiration of the old and the absence of new vessels – TASS comment).

At the same time, the initial resource of the nuclear power plant of nuclear icebreakers Vaigach and Taimyr did not exceed 100,000 hours. Thus, the term has doubled. “This work allows the company to effectively use four nuclear icebreakers in operation,” the company noted.

Nuclear Installation on an icebreaker

The atomic icebreaker Vaigach (type Taimyr was put into operation in 1990. Its length is 151.8 m, its width is 29.2 m, its displacement is 21 thousand tons, the capacity of the main installation is 50 thousand hp.


Source: Maritime News of Russia