You Won’t Believe What This Man Did For 16 Hours to Survive

Harlyn Darío Lozada Cañizales arrived at a beach in Venezuela with the intention of riding the wild waves, but when he was in the water the rope of his surfboard broke, a cramp attacked him and the fury of the waves began to drag him out to sea.

Despite being a lifesaver, the 41-year-old man seemed to be losing his battle to stay afloat on the beach of Mamo, in the Vargas state. He was drowning, but his fear of being “eaten by the sea” gave him enough strength to get out as he could with a wave that took him to a reef, where he climbed and spent 16 hours before he was rescued.

“After the rope broke I got a cramp and the wave took me and I was drowning; I was killing the sea. As I could I left with a wave, which took me to the stones and as I could I got up and grabbed … I asked God not to let me be eaten by the sea and thanks to him I could save myself, “said Lozada.

His brother Leminyer Lozada told the newspaper La Verdad de Vargas that two friends began looking for Harlyn and found him “like a Christ in a big stone”.

“They immediately told us and as we could, we went by land to the area where we calculated it was and we went through the back of the houses. There we got it. My brother was told to take him out by sea, on the board, but he did not want to know anything about the sea, “said Leminyer Lozada.

The people of the place lit headlights to facilitate the rescue and Harlyn thought that it was a helicopter that looked for it and counted that “it was put to whistle like crazy person. My mom heard it when we were in the area and she told me, but I did not believe her. ”

When he was rescued “he had only scratches and was dehydrated. They evaluated it and we went to the house. What I wanted was to eat, sleep and keep praying to God because he knows that he is alive by miracle. ”

Harlyn Lozada warned that the sea “does not play” and announced that she will never surf again.

“I spent a lot of work and I do not wish that on anyone, that’s why I tell surfers and my friends that we should respect it: I do not surf anymore. My last surfing day arrived, “said the Venezuelan who was 31 years old riding the waves.

You Won’t Believe What This Man Did For 16 Hours to Survive

Now the man is nicknamed the “Christ of Mamo” by the Christ Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, who is with open arms at 710 meters above sea level.


Source: el Nuevo Herald

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