Woman Killed in an Inflatable Banana Accident in Egypt

Janice Bowles, a 58-year-old British woman, drowned after being trapped under an aquatic “banana” that overturned in the sea in the city of Hurghada, Egypt. She could not be saved by her daughter.

The incident occurred on August 21 when the victim, his daughter and other tourists enjoyed this true holiday classic. Bowles fell from the inflatable and was trapped underneath the boat.

The victim remained submerged for several minutes and lost consciousness. Hannah, her daughter, told what happened: “I keep asking myself why I did not take off my life jacket and swam fast to my mom “.

“When I managed to reach her, she was saying ‘I cannot breathe, I cannot breathe’, and she vanished, I asked for help, crying and screaming,” said the young woman, who said her mother spent more than five minutes under water and had blue lips



Source: CooperativaCL