Woman Dies After Three Hours Adrift. Her Husband Unable to Save Her

The boat in which they sailed in Ribeira (La Coruña) overturned. The two struggled to reach the rocks, but only he was able reached them.

The tragedy occured this Sunday when a couple from a town near Santiago went sailing with a glider to practice spearfishing. An unexpected wind of the sea overturned the boat and the couple fell into the sea. At that time, only the man was wearing a neoprene suit to resist the low temperature of the water. The two-remained clinging to the boat for three long hours until, after boosting their legs and helped by the tide, managed to approach land. When they were within an acceptable distance of the rocks, the shipwrecked decided to try to reach the coast by swimming, but the hypothermia that the woman suffered prevented her from moving and she drowned before the impotent gaze of her husband.

The husband, told the rescue teams, he tried to rescue his wife when he saw that she was sinking, but that it was impossible. After witnessing the tragic loss, he struggled to swim ashore, where he ran to give notice of the accident by telephone of a private house to which he came to lose aid.The body arrived at Port of Ribeira after drowning

A device made up of Local Police, National Police, Civil Guard, Gardacostas de Galicia, Maritime Rescue, Civil Protection and GAEM was activated quickly, with land traces and boats by sea. It was the vessel Langosteira de Cruz Vermella do Mar from Ribeira that saw the body between waters and managed to recover it. Once aboard, resuscitation exercises were performed, but they were unsuccessful. The deceased was 56 years old and was originally from Caheiras (Teo).


Source: ABC Galicia