Why Are These ‘Ghost Boats’ from North Korea Washing Ashore in Russia?

There have in recent days been North Korean ‘Ghost’ fishing boats washing ashore in Russia after heavy storms.

The empty vessels have chillingly been scattering Primorsky Krai, in Russia’s Far East. The boats began being discovered approximately August 6 and 7.

This particular footage was filmed in the Sea of Japan on August 6. Russia shares an 11-mile land border and a 12 nautical mile sea border with North Korea.

The latest fishing vessels were found on Russky Island on August 25, filled with personal belongings but without a crew.

On August 27th a yacht called ‘The Time Machine’ discovered a drifting boat bearing similar North Korean insignia near the uninhabited Stenin Island in the Sea of Japan.

Yacht Captain Mikhail Yermakov told The Siberian Times that, “we passed the coordinates to the State Inspection of Small Boats, they notified us that they would think about what to do with it.”

We are assuming the boats are being brought into our waters by typhoons. We got as close to the boat as possible and shouted but no one answered. We could not see any sign of life on board.



Source: LiveLeak