What Led to the Extinction of the Megalodon?

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Why did the megalodon become extinct if it was the king of the waters? More scientists are studying it.

After the premiere of the film Megalodon on the big screen, the interest of the scientists has been raised to further deepen the history of this animal and its disappearance. In fact, it is so important to know all this data that a large budget has already been offered so that the experts can investigate thoroughly.

At the moment what is known about this animal is that it was the king of the oceans for many years, although it has not been seen for centuries sailing the seas. The scientific name with which he was baptized is Carcharodon megalodon, although it is this second meaning for which he has become famous. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the Megalodon is an extinct species that attracts the attention of scientists.

The Megalodon was present in the seas about 20 million years ago, having no one to put it in danger, since it is known that it was a really terrifying creature. It is believed that it was able to become extinct some 2.5 million years ago, but why did it disappear from the face of the earth? If it was a sea monster … what could have killed it? These are the most common questions that are asked by experts and that still do not have a clear and concise answer.

The most used theory is that the oceans cooled too much at a certain moment in history and this was the main reason for the disappearance of this species, which was added an increase in the number of whales, which are presented as their main competitors Even though it is the theory that gains the most strength, it is not known with certainty if this is what really happened and originated the extinction of the species.

To discover what really happened to the Megalodon, the National Science Foundation has offered a group of expert scientists more than $ 200,000 with the intention that they can continue to investigate. The main problem that this species and other sharks have is that they do not have bones, so their fossils do not exist. However, your teeth can provide relevant information about this mystery.

What Led to the Extinction of the Megalodon?

Therefore, these scientists aim to discover what was the way of life of the megalodon through their teeth. They could also know what their environment was like and can even answer the big question: why did the species become extinct? The project is about to begin and will take place over a period of three years. Will you discover the great mystery of the megalodon?


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