Western Media Fears Russian ‘Weapon of the Last Judgment’

A Russian submarine drone equipped with a nuclear bomb is capable of destroying entire coastal cities, according to the Business Insider edition.

The paper wrote about the Status-6 system, dubbed Western Media as the “Doomsday weapon” capable of carrying 50 megaton nuclear warheads of TNT.

According to the issue, a 20-50 megaton TNT nuclear bomb detonated near the coastline will have a power equivalent to the tsunami that occurred after the earthquake in Japan in March of 2011. In addition, according to experts, a submarine attack may cause waves of up to 100 meters in height.

The Business Insider noted that the Status-6 torpedo explosion in a submerged position can cause tons of contaminated water to rise and cause catastrophic radioactive rain.

Should the explosion occur near the coast of the city of Los Angeles or San Diego, the destructive effect of nuclear precipitation would be even stronger due to the frequent wind in these areas?

On March 1, Russian leader Vladimir Putin delivered the traditional annual address to the Russian Federal Assembly. During the speech were shown several videos with the latest developments of Russian military equipment that had never been published before.

Among these, submarine drones capable of navigating at great depths and at intercontinental distances, considerably surpassing the speed of submarines, more advanced torpedoes, as well as all types of vessels.

Western Media Fears Russian 'Weapon of the Last Judgment'

Such drones may be equipped with conventional and nuclear munitions, which makes them capable of destroying a wide range of targets, including combat vessel groups, coastal fortifications and other infrastructures.


Source: Sputnik News