Water Leakage on Ferry in Keratsini 

On the morning of Jan 7, 2018, the “Champion Jet 2” suffered water leakage at the stern while berthed in Keratsini. The ferry was docked for work at the New Quay of Drapetsona. The port authority was alerted after the ship started to list to port. Two vehicles of the fire brigade attended and started to pump out the water. Also, the tug “Christos XLIII” was on site, and the vessel of a private company vessel laid out a floating barrier around the ship.

There was a pollution of about 30 m² in size from iridescent oil. A private company was called to remove the remaining fuel from the ferry with tank trucks.

Champion Jet 2

A diver made a temporary sealing at the leak at the starboard side of the main engine room. The Central Port Authority of Piraeu carried out a preliminary investigation. The class certificate was withdrawn and the ship detained until the sea worthiness was restored.

The master and the first engineer of the ship were arrested in the course of investigations.



Source: Vessel Tracker