Was It An Accident or Intentional? As Mother Gives Birth in the Middle of the Red Sea

An unprecedented event went viral on social networks. Photographs of a woman giving birth in the middle of the Red Sea caused controversy in social networks.

A Russian woman surprised many of her decision to give birth to her baby in the middle of the sea, and apparently a tourist photographed the moment, where she can see the woman next to two men and their baby still with the umbilical cord attached to the placenta.

The comments for and against did not wait for ‘Vivalavi ‘, because even if it could be very natural to have such a birth, it could also have complications for the newborn.

The amazing images have became viral.

Mother Gives Birth in the Middle of the Red Sea

Although some consider that it was an accident and the baby was born unexpectedly there, everything indicates that it was planned as men leave the sea with a container containing the placenta, which shows that they were prepared for the event.


Source: Multimedios

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