Walruses Unusually Came Early to the Coast of Chukotka

Employees of the national park “Beringia” in Chukotka recorded unusually early output of walruses on land.

More than 200 walruses have settled on rest on a sandy-pebble spit in 17 km to the west of village Lorino, on the east coast of the Chukchi Peninsula, is spoken in the message of the national park. According to observers, all individuals in the group are adult males.

“This is one of the record time of the release of walruses on the coast of the Chukchi Peninsula.¬†In the spring-summer period walruses, as a rule, rest on drifting ice floes far from the coastal strip, and on land massively come out closer to autumn, when the water area of the Chukchi Sea is freed from ice for hundreds of kilometres, “the report said.

Several wandering groups of walruses were also sighted in the Bay of Providence, in the south of the Chukchi Peninsula.

Walruses Unusually Early Came to the Coast of Chukotka

According to experts, the main stockpiles of walruses at present should be on ice fields in the water area of the Chukchi Sea at a distance of more than 80 km from the coast of the Chukchi Peninsula.



Source: Maritime News of Russia