VIDEO: They Sing of Joy for Their Rescue in the Mediterranean

A group of women of sub-Saharan origin sang of joy after their rescue in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Spanish NGO ” Open Arms ” attended the report of 500 people adrift 50 km off the coast of Libya.

On board, the Aquarius and the Astral, as well as with the help of the French NGO SOS Mediterranée, 400 people who were in a wooden boat and another 100 in a rubber boat were taken to the mainland.

During their rescue, a group of women sang of joy, detonating the excitement of rescuers and journalists dedicated to following in the footsteps of people fleeing their places of origin due to war, slavery and injustice.

So we have found them: Terrified, convinced that they were going to die at sea, people who have risked their lives fleeing from an absolute hell, from torture and humiliation, from slavery. Luckily we arrived on time, “Open Arms wrote.

Source: Hoy Estado de Mexico