VIDEO: Russian Navy Divers Beat Their Immersion Record When Going Down to 416 Meters Depth

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Three frogmen from the Russian Pacific Fleet practiced a training mission in the Sea of Japan, where they simulated a rescue operation for a submarine.

Three submarines of the Pacific Fleet have broken the diving record of the Russian Navy by placing the national flag at 416 meters of depth in the Sea of Japan,  reported on Tuesday the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Before carrying out the training mission, the divers had to spend three days in a compression chamber to prepare their dive, made from the rescue vessel of the Marina Igor Beloúsov.

During the maneuver, the frogmen observed the area and practiced the connection of oxygen tubes to a submarine in a mock rescue of their crew. They also deployed the Russian flag to celebrate their record.

The previous mark of the Russian Navy was established last year when divers from the same unit descended to 317 meters deep.



Source: Actualidad RT