VIDEO: Russia Tests Its Nuclear Triad in Military Maneuvers

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The maneuvers involved land, sea and aviation units, as well as early warning systems for a nuclear missile attack.

The Russian Army has conducted exercises of its nuclear deterrent armament, including nuclear missiles launched from the ground, submarines and strategic aircraft equipped with nuclear missiles.

The Russian Ministry of Defense published simulation images showing the launches of naval missiles and the deployment of the strategic bombers Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3.

The test launches were carried out by ships from the Northern and Pacific Fleet, as well as by strategic bombers of the long-range aviation of the Russian Air Force.

Ballistic and cruise missiles with nuclear capability achieved their intended objectives in the Kura, Chizha, Pembói and Térekta test fields in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The launches were detected by the ground-based satellites and radars of the Russian ballistic missile early warning system.



Source: Actualidad