VIDEO Russia and Syria Test Anti-Ship Missiles in the Mediterranean Sea

The Russian and Syrian Armed Forces last week carried out joint naval maneuvers in the eastern waters of the Mediterranean Sea, as revealed by a recording released on Wednesday by the Syrian cyber portal ‘Al-Masdar News’.

As you can see in the leaked video, during the military simulations both allies tested anti-ship missiles, firing them at an old Syrian corvette.

“The Syrian class Frigate Petis (out of service) was attacked and sunk by anti-ship missiles in the exercises,” says Al-Masdar News, which states that the maneuvers took place on April 15.

While the portal does not specify from where the projectiles were fired, the angle of the video leans towards the probability that they were launched from combat aircraft, most likely Russian.

This ballistic test in the Mediterranean is part of the attempts of Moscow and Damascus, strategic allies, to reinforce their naval power in these waters, in moments of great tension with the USA and its allies.

In fact, the maneuver took place a day after the United States, the United Kingdom and France attacked Syria under the pretext of an alleged chemical attack in Duma, in Guta Oriental, of which they accuse Damascus without offering any evidence.

After the bombings of the western tripartite alliance, Russia has sent several loads of military equipment to its naval base of Tartus (in the homonymous province) and to the air of Hmeimim (in the province of Latakia), with heavy weapons, military vehicles and ships, among other instruments.

Several reports also indicate that Russia has sent Russian S-300 anti-aircraft defence systems to Syrian territory to strengthen the defence of the country against foreign aggression.

Moscow has not yet confirmed this news, but has indicated that it plans to supply these systems to Syria “shortly”.


Source: hispantv