Video Captures The Exact Moment the Cruiser Saga Pearl II Crashes Into Several Smaller Boats

Saga Cruise Ship Saga Pearl II crashed into 4 yachts in the port of Dartmouth, and on Wednesday, August 29, piloted by a tour harbour master.

Fortunately, recreational boats suffered “surface damage” as a result of an accident that day, according to the Dart Habour Authority.

Eyewitnesses said they saw the owners of the yachts “flee their boats in their pyjamas” as the cruise approached smaller boats.

The authority of Darth Harbor is currently monitoring the owners of the boats and will investigate the incident.

Saga Pearl II currently sailing in its last season, flying for Saga in Western Europe (England, Spain and France).

Press Secretary Saga said that during the Saga maneuver Pearl II came into contact with “4 small pleasure craft, causing superficial damage”, adding that no one was injured in the accident, and the separation of the port to do everything possible to put in contact with the owner’s yachts.

The damage to the yachts will be carefully evaluated, and any damage caused by Saga Pearl 2 will be corrected.


Source: Cruise Mapper