VIDEO: Beach Disappears Almost Completely in Less than 24 Hours Queensland, Australia

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A huge hole has been ‘swallowing’ everything that is in its way.

It is impressive the power of nature, it turns out that a beach in Queensland, Australia has almost completely disappeared in less than 24 hours, it is the Rainbow beach in Inskip Point.

It was announced that a hole has been growing with the passage of time, which has caused it to ruin everything on its way to the beach. This event occurred since 2015 and in September of this 2018 has been another great detachment, which has taxed the situation.

Faced with this situation, the authorities have reported that this is a ‘displacement of land near the coast,’ which has been presented in a magnitude of 200 to 300 meters wide and with a depth of around 7 meters, according to what published Acustiknoticias.

The way in which the beach of Australia was disappearing was recorded and the video is already circulating in social networks because it is shocking the way in which the tunnel is ending with everything that is in its path.

It was revealed that this phenomenon occurs as a consequence of the flow of tides, waves and currents. Faced with these situations, the place is monitored by what abnormal thing could be presented and also to prevent any person from being affected.

It is worth mentioning that a similar phenomenon had been registered in 2015.


Source: ChispaTV