Utilization of Sunken Ships on the Territory of the Far Eastern Federal District can be Included in the National Project “Ecology”

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The ships that are sunk in the Far East can be recycled into the national project “Ecology”. Yuri Trutnev, the head of the Far Eastern regions, asked the Presidential Representative in the Far Eastern Federal District (DFO) to help in this general regional issue for the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources Dmitry Kobylkin. This was reported on Wednesday by the TASS in the government of the Magadan region.

The reason for appealing to the federal authorities was the case of a recent leakage of oil products from the ship “Professor Moiseev” sunken in 2006 in the Nagayev Bay of Magadan Region. The authorities of the region decided to raise the fishing trawler for inspection and further disposal, but they say that this requires funds from the federal budget. The problem of abandoned ships was also faced by other subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District.

“In fact, the problem is not only in underfunding but also in the lack of understanding of who should do this at all. After all, federal agencies, departments, all kinds of refer to each other, and no one wants to take responsibility for themselves and spend money … Sergei Konstantinovich (Governor of the Magadan Region Sergey Nosov – comment.) Turned to Kobylkin and asked the Ministry of Natural Resources to get involved in solving the problem. Since, in general, all the Far Eastern [regional governors] have stated this, most likely, the issue will be resolved, it will fall into the national project “Ecology”, – the source said.

According to the representative of the regional government, following the meeting, Trutnev instructed to gather until mid-October full information from all Far Eastern subjects and analyze it for further decision-making.

According to the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor’s Office, most of the three dozen vessels flooded in Nagaev Bay in Magadan do not have an owner or are unknown. Under the law, the duty to raise a ship and other property that threatens pollution of the water area is assigned to the owners. During the inspections of the transport prosecutor’s office, owners of only two vessels were established who did not take measures to clean up the water area. In both cases, the court granted the prosecutor’s claims about imposing on the shipowners the obligation to raise their property.

Utilization of Sunken Ships on the Territory of the Far Eastern Federal District can be Included in the National Project "Ecology"

Over the years, more than a thousand ships sank on the seabed of the Far East. In the Bay of Peter the Great alone, more than 130 ships have been flooded. Orphaned ships meet in the waters near Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Khabarovsk and other regions of the Far East.



Source: Maritime News of Russia