US Ship Reaches the Black Sea for Maneuvers with Ukraine

The USS Mount Whitney, command ship of the US Sixth Fleet, enters the Black Sea to participate in military maneuvers with Ukraine.

The US spacecraft is scheduled to participate in the Sea Breeze 2018 military exercises that will take place July 9-21, according to a statement released Saturday by the United States Naval Forces Europe-Africa.

According to the note, the USS Mount Whitney ship has been sent to that area to “strengthen regional naval stability, as well as improve the training of naval forces of the allies.”

“We look forward to working with our partners in the region to build relationships that promote peace and economic stability in the region and the world. The presence of Mount Whitney will ensure our partners and allies our commitment to maritime safety and shared interests, “reads the statement.

The  Sea Breeze exercises are annual multinational simulations at sea, air defence, anti-submarine combat and search and rescue, and pursue the objective of strengthening cooperation between the allies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to ensure stability in the Black Sea region.

The USS Mount Whitney’s shipment to the area is part of Washington’s plan to increase its naval presence in the Black Sea, which “is part of its effort to desensitize Russia,” a US military officer said in February.

US ship reaches the Black Sea for maneuvers with Ukraine

Moscow denounces the reinforcement of NATO and US troops near its western borders, calling it a “threat” to its national security and a  destabilizing factor in the region. It is more Russia had previously warned of the celebration of the Sea Breeze war games as an “anti-Russian” and “provocative” act.



Source: HispanTV

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