US Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Wants to ‘Contribute to Peace and Prosperity’ in the Pacific 

The US aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, leading a group of US Navy ships, sailed from the Japanese port of Yokosuka to patrol the Pacific region, NHK said, citing the command of the 7th US Fleet.

It is worth mentioning that the patrolling coincided with the negotiations on the possible meeting between the leaders of the USA and North Korea.

The naval group has the aircraft carrier, a missile cruiser and at least two destroyers. Usually, the group is accompanied by a nuclear submarine.

Details of the vessel’s route were not disclosed. However, according to the US command, it is a “regular patrol in the Pacific,” and that “activity will contribute to peace and prosperity in the region.”

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan is the flagship of the 5th US Navy attack group in Japan. He is stationed at the Yokosuka military base and is part of the 7th US Fleet.

US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier wants to 'contribute to peace and prosperity' in the Pacific

The aircraft carrier is capable of transporting 80 combat aircraft and up to 5,500 crew members. The vessel, being the ninth ship of the Nimitz class, is equipped with two nuclear reactors.


Source: Sputnik News

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