US Navy Cannot Face a War with Russia and China

The United States Navy is not prepared for a great war. Academics and former senior officers of the US Navy they came to this conclusion recently because of the possibility that the North American country maintains a military contest with its main rivals, namely: Russia and China.

After the proliferation of ballistic missiles “aircraft carrier assassins” and powerful supersonic missiles aboard Russian and Chinese ships, the US Navy It is surpassed after decades of focusing on fighting only against weak and alien enemies, according to a report published on Tuesday by Business Insider magazine.

The study highlights the weakness of the US Navy, considering that it has only prepared “an aircraft carrier” to “counteract” the threat posed by large navies such as those possessed by Russia and China.

It also points to the lack of experience of the Americans in launching missiles on board ships, something that had previously been considered a weak point of the US Navy.

Similarly, the analysis underscores that another of its weaknesses is the threat posed by submarines, with which US ships”have not faced each other in decades.”

“The US Navy He has a long way to go in preparing himself for the next big fight against a close pair, “the source explains.

The American aircraft carrier Nimitz USS Carl Vinson

In this regard, the publication refers to accidental collisions suffered by American military vessels in 2017. One occurred in June, when the US destroyer USS Fitzgerald collided with the container ship ACX Crystal, causing the death of seven crewmembers , which in one principle was declared “disappeared”, while the other occurred in August, when the destroyer equipped with USS John S. McCain remote-controlled missiles (DDG 56) collided with the merchant ship Alnic MC near Singapore.


Source: HispanTV

  1. The US Navy could not fight even 1 of those countrys and survive.

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