US Navy Begins Exercise Under the Ice in Alaska

The exercises, which also include the collection of scientific data, are called Ice Exercise 2018 or ICEX18 and are scheduled every two years

The Navy of EE. UU He has started five weeks of underwater training and testing on the north coast of Alaska that will include the penetration of huge submarine vessels through the Arctic sea ice.

The exercises, which also include the collection of scientific data, are called Ice Exercise 2018 or ICEX18 and are scheduled every two years.

Rear Admiral James Pitts, commander of the Submarine War Development Center, said in an announcement that the Navy builds experience with each ICEX.

We are constantly testing new tactics, techniques and procedures under the ice and this exercise allows us to do it on a larger scale and together with our academic partners, joint and the UK, he said.

Two Americans and a British submarine will participate. The cost is estimated at $ 8.3 million, said Navy spokesman Corey Barker, but the final figures of travel, contracts and other expenses will not be known until after the exercise.

The Navy will establish a temporary ice camp in the Beaufort Sea about 150 to 175 miles (242 to 282 kilometers) north of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Barker said the team for the camp began arriving during the weekend due to air fall.

The camp will have portable tents that can house and support more than 50 people and will serve as a temporary command center for ice navigation, torpedo exercises and research.

The Navy named the Ice Camp Skate camp in honor of the USS Skate, the first submarine to emerge through open water surrounded by ice in 1958 and the first submarine to emerge through the ice at the North Pole in March 1959.

The US submarines involved are the fast-attack submarine class Seawolf USS Connecticut of Bangor, Washington, and the USS Hartford-class fast-attack submarine of Groton, Connecticut.

The Trafalgar-class submarine of the British Royal Navy HMS Trenchant will also be available.

The ships will carry out multiple Arctic transits, a surface of the North Pole, collection of scientific data and other training, the Navy said.

The exercise required the approval of possible involuntary interruptions of the activities of marine mammals, such as feeding, lactation and reproduction. In its request to the National Marine Fisheries Service, the Navy said it will install portable tracking equipment for underwater training and testing near the ice camp.

As part of the exercises, eight hydrophones will be downloaded that detect sound waves underwater in the sea ice cables at 98 feet (30 meters).

US Navy begins exercise under the ice in Alaska

The last Arctic exercise conducted by the US Submarine Force. UU It was carried out in 2016. A crack in the sea ice through the camp of the command center forced its early evacuation.