US Destroyer Provokes China and Approaches Island in Dispute

In a clear challenge to Beijing a warship of the United States Navy, has approached Friday 22 kilometers from an island in the South China Sea, whose sovereignty is disputed by the Asian giant and its neighbours, as reported by official US sources.

USS Mustin guided missile destroyer of the US Naval Force has sailed 12 nautical miles (22 kilometers) from the Mischief Reef, a large reef in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea and has conducted military operations in the area, the British news agency Reuters reported.

The US Armed Forces On several occasions, they have carried out exercises in the waters of the South China Sea, according to US commanders, to counteract China’s claim to sovereignty in this area, the report said.

The Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs of China have not yet ruled on the matter, but a strong condemnation by Beijing is expected, as happened in similar incidents in the past.

The last case was last January when the guided missile destroyer USS Hopper made incursions into the waters surrounding Huangyano Island, in the South China Sea.

The spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Lu Kang, denounced at the time the “unauthorized” incursion of the US warship and promised to respond to the hostile measure of Washington.

The South China Sea, whose totality claims China, is the scene of incessant tensions between the Asian giant and the US.  In recent years, Washington has sent its warships several times to the vicinity of the islets controlled by Beijing, under the pretext of defending “freedom of navigation”.

USS Mustin guided missile destroyer of the US Naval Force during a military maneuver.

However, Beijing has denounced these “provocative” actions again and again, accusing Washington of destabilizing the area, violating its sovereignty and seeking to dominate the waters in question.


Source: Hispantv