US Coast Guard Capture 22 Ecuadorians for Drug Trafficking

The Regional Directorate of Aquatic Spaces (Dirnea) delivered to the Ecuadorian Navy two vessels that possess substances subject to control. Within the ships, there were 22 Ecuadorians and 1 Venezuelan, who was arrested. The delivery occurred in the Fernandina Island of the Archipelago.

The Ecuadorian flag vessels, called South King and Julio Adrián IV, intended to transport more than two thousand kilos of suspect content through international waters when they were intercepted by the North American Coast Guard.

The US marine authority is authorized to execute this type of procedure in such situations, due to a binational international agreement between Ecuador and the United States. After the interception, they coordinate the delivery of the detainees and the evidence with the Ecuadorian Navy.

US Coast Guard They capture 22 Ecuadorians

On the afternoon of April 12, 2018, a hearing will be held to formulate charges against those apprehended for the crime of trafficking in substances subject to control.


Source: Ecuavisa