US “Cap With Strips” Their Warships

The US Navy intends to extend the life of almost all military ships in the country. The American experts analyze how effective these measures are to save the quantitative force of the fleet.

In December 2018, the United States plans to increase the number of ships -as well as combat ships Auxiliaries- to 355 units, maintaining its operation at the appropriate level, reported the average Defense News.

This goal is expected to be achieved both by incorporating new vessels into the fleet and by extending the life of existing ones. It is noted that the useful life of warships can be extended up to 42-52 years.

Fleet without weapons

American experts, for the most part, think that it would be reasonable to prolong the life of military ships. However, doubts arise about the effectiveness of the weapons of the old ships.

“If you look at the new ages established for ships, they seem quite reasonable in terms of helmets, mechanisms and electrical units, but the most important problem over time will be the obsolescence of combat control systems,” said Bryan Clark. , exofacial of submarines of the US Navy and analyst of the Center for strategic and budgetary evaluations.

According to the expert, the generation of electronic equipment is changing very fast. Therefore, concerns arise that the old US Navy ships are not as efficient as those of their potential enemies.

The analyst opined that the modernization of ships should be a priority for the fleet, as well as the development of new forms of combat use of ships. For example, older vessels could be used as floating weapons stockpiles, and modern ones would be responsible for intelligence, control and designation of targets.

Expensive plan

Another ex-submariner and analyst of the Heritage Foundation, Thomas Callender, also described the idea as reasonable but said that financing this plan could become an insoluble problem.

“In fact, they are strips that we put on Navy combat vessels,” said Callender.

According to the analyst, this measure will increase the number of vessels in the near future but warned: “In the long term, we have to evaluate well the maintenance costs of these vessels, it will be very expensive”.

And Russia what?

Russia also faces similar problems but there is a significant difference, observes Mijaíl Jodariónok, a columnist for newspaper.

“There are also older ships in the Russian Navy, especially in the Black Sea Fleet, ” Deputy Director of the Strategy and Technology Analysis Center Konstantin Makiyenko told the newspaper.

US Cap With Strips Their Warships

However, according to the expert, the Russian Navy prefers not to resort to the extension of the life of the ships to maintain the quantitative force of the fleet.

“Of course, the withdrawal of a ship that has not fulfilled its established life is a bad thing, but neither should the life of the ship be extended forever, everything has its reasonable limit,” the analyst concluded.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News