US Athlete will try Cuba-United States Sea Crossing

The American Victoria Burgess began today her journey of the more than 90 miles that separate Marina Hemingway, in the west of this capital of the US coasts, with only one board and one oar.

During the strenuous tour, arranged for about 25 hours and with the final destination in Key West, the athlete will be accompanied by a support boat and a team for nutrition and safety.

The main objectives of Burges are to be the first woman to perform such a feat and to be an ambassador of peace and friendship between the peoples of Cuba and the United States.

The American of 33 years, has experience in various sports such as basketball, volleyball and water polo.

He has also participated in famous distance racing from paddling, such as Molokai to Oahu, and Maui to Molokai.

In August 2013, his compatriot Benjamin Friberg beat that same test after 28 hours of paddling, standing, on a surfboard, an unprecedented fact until then.

US Athlete will try Cuba-United States Sea Crossing

The crossing of the Straits of Florida, starting from Cuba, has been a challenge for several athletes of the world, especially of the United States, and in different modalities that go from crossing to swimming with or without a cage against sharks, until laying on a board and braceando.


Source: Radio Guama