Uruguayan Finds Two Orphaned Sea Lions and Becomes their Father

Richard Tesore is the founder of the NGO SOS Rescate de Fauna Marina in Punta Colorada and is dedicated to helping animals from the sea in danger, he adopts them and becomes their family after saving their lives.

The founder of the NGO has a unique relationship with marine animals. It is dedicated to saving the lives of those who have been orphaned or have suffered injuries so that they recover and then return them to their habitat.

One of the most moving stories of this savior Tesore became the father of these two small sea ‚Äč‚Äčlions, fed them and played with them in the sea to take away their fear of the great ocean. Adopting sea lion puppies is one more of their tasks as it is also dedicated to curing animals that have been injured and to rehabilitate many of them.

Sealions Orphaned

The savior has been helping injured marine animals for around 26 years, and although he has lived through very traumatic rescues such as the transfer of a four-and-a-half-meter sea elephant that had moved several kilometers from the sea, Tesore will continue working to save the lives of these animals.


Source: Notimerica